Vase – Glass Nugget


Material: Glass
Size: Ø 14 * 18 CM
Product code: 104813

A craft that’s centuries old, dating back to 3500 BC, when the first glass objects were made in Mesopotamia, sees a contemporary translation in Urban Nature Culture’s glass trio. The making of hollow glass items developed itself separately all across the globe, with proof found in Egypt, Greece, China and even Austria. The eldest examples of Egyptian glasswork are three vases carrying the name of Pharaoh Thoutmosis III. The Egyptians discovered a new method to melt glass and bring it in the desired shape, using a stone slab. From Mesopotamia, it moved on to Alexandria and Italy, where the Roman empire started using the glass-blowing technique – a technique still standing strong today – found in Urban Nature Culture’s glass vases. Bring these three together to display a variety of flowers or let each vase tell its own story – there’s so much to tell and even more to listen to – with a very special ear design. A modern beauty that sets forth an ancient old art, in a timeless design.


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